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Wholistically Balancing Body Mind and Spirit
                        One Therapeutic Massage at a Time...
                                       Visit the Massage Garden today!

       We invite you to walk across our thereshold into a safe space of trust, restoration & renewal.  Here you can experience and most importantly learn about balancing your body, mind, and spirit wholistically in a restful & peaceful space to relax.


       In offering therapeutic massage we assist in guiding you to achieve that oneness, balance, homeostasis and inner tranquilty.  This is what we all need to decompress from the stress of everyday life!  Balance!


       It is true! each part of you is interdependent.  One heavily relies on the other.  If you are off balance Physically it presents itself Mentally and Emotionally which will in turn effect you Spiritually. You can replace and move around what you wish but the outcome will remain the same. 


       We need balance! We need to be educated on how to obtain this in today's hectic world!  We invite you to take a moment on our therapeutic tables to embark on your journey! Wholistically!!!

Welcoming Hours


         Mon:   830am - 430pm

         Tue:    CLOSED

         Wed:   830am - 430pm

         Thu:    830am - 430pm

         Fri:      830am - 7pm

         Sat:     945am - 2pm

         Sun:    945am - 2pm 



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