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With any of our add ons you can further cusomize your session to be exactly what you need! You can add on once you arrive or book with your session ahead of time! Call us today! 678.820.9361

​Topically/Aromatic - $5.55

Choose your favorite, something new, or what your body needs for a pick me up or balance!

Infrared Sauna
​15 mins - $25

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention through detoxification, pain relief, and relaxation just to name a few benefits!


Can be added to any service for only $15

​Soy Massage Candles by IRIE
​8oz - $20

Your TAKE HOME soy candle is completely natural, clean burning, colorless and non-toxic. Each candle is made from renewable resources and is perfectly safe and smoothing to use on skin.



​Chi Machine
​10 mins - $15

Boosts metabolism & increases energy! Encourages proper spine function & flexibility! Oxygenates the body & lowers BP! Promotes restful sleep  & reduces stress levels.

The Chi Machine is $10 added to any service

Spa Party Hosted by IRIESCENTS
​varies contingent upon needs

What better way to celebrate or relax than to get together with your favorite people at your place of choice or at the Garden for massage, facials, mani/pedi & FREE demos of IRIE! The HOST always receives a FREE 4 Hand Massage as a Thank You!

Ionic Foot Detox
​30 mins - $35

This professional detoxification system promotes total body purification. By inducing a positive polarity that generates a pH that is alkaline.

The IonicFootDetox is $30 added onto any service.

★ Series of 4 for the price of 3 [prepaid]

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