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In offering therapeutic integrated services we assist in guiding you to achieve oneness, balance and the inner tranquility that reconnecting with nature provides.  This is what we need to decompress from the daily stressors of everyday life.  BALANCE! If any part of your physical, mental, or emotional self is off center it will present itself in a reflective area of your total being.  Healing starts and manifests from within; just as illness and dis-ease.  Many factors will contribute to balancing oneself as a whole.  Do allow us the honor of being a part of your journey by visiting with us at the Holistic Healing Garden. 

"When 'i' is replaced with 'we' even illness becomes wellness."

- Malcolm X

With over 10 years of practicing, the Holistic Healing Garden was born with an abundant gratitude to ASHA - the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts for the extensive training and expansion of my belief in the healing power of touch.  The healing attributes of massage had personally been witnessed many times before my initial experience which was just an introduction but soon came the confirmation that massage would be one of my gifts to the world.  Needless to say I was moved in such a way that I choose to embark on this journey. 


Each morning I am grateful to wake up knowing that I am preparing to go do what I LOVE!  This is truly work of passion! There is nothing more humbling than assisting you to relax and rejuvenate by taking a moment for yourself!  It is even more of a blessing to help in the restoration of function and mobility of your body!  You only have one temple and you must cherish it!  What an honor it is to know each session will increase your flexibility, range of motion as well as encourage and educate you on how to be a healthier you through balancing wholisitcally with the influence of massage. 


In today's world most of us are constantly in "GO MODE".  How often are you intentionally choosing to unplug, unwind and recharge? 

We invite you to walk across our threshold into a safe space of trust, relaxation, rest and renewal.  Each session is customized for your needs and goals at the Holistic Healing Garden! Here you can wholistically experience balancing your body, mind, and spirit... one therapeutic massage at a time.

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